While Google is the most popular search engine by far, owning over 91 percent of the global market, Bing, Yahoo, and Ask, among many others, provide alternative search engines that can be worth using.

Many people use Google out of habit, but there are a number of reasons to try another search engine or two.

Wider Reach

What do you do when Google doesn’t provide the results you’re looking for? Don’t give up and assume the information you need isn’t available online. As each search engine uses different algorithms, therefore producing slightly different results, when searching for something more obscure, it’s worth checking out two, three, or even a fourth, before it starts becoming a waste of time.

More Privacy

There are search engines like Search Encrypt that have made names for themselves as privacy-based options. In fact, Search Encrypt is considered to be the most reliable on the Internet by using local encryption to ensure users’ data is fully protected from any type of unauthorized track.

One of the highlights of this search engine is that it automatically erases browser history after about 15 minutes. If someone accesses your PC without your permission, you won’t have to worry as all of that data has been deleted.

A Specialized Search Result

Certain types of results call for specialized search engines. While they don’t have the world-class search technology of the major search engines, medical and science communities can take advantage of them, as can many other professions. For example, ScienceDirect and PubMed are ideal for anyone who works in a medical career, while Justia Search offers options for searching legal blogs and the legal web.

Copyright-Free Content

CC Search is an ideal search engine when hunting for just about any kind of copyright-free content. Looking for images for your blog post? Music for a video? When searching for anything you need but don’t want to worry about someone coming after you for ripping off their work, CC Search should be your first stop.

Social Media Searches

If you need to find something on social media, instead of using Google, search the social network platform by using an advanced search page. For example, a Facebook search will allow you to look across multiple areas with options to filter your search by places, people, groups, and pages.

LinkedIn and Twitter have social network-specific advanced search pages too, including Twitter Search, LinkedIn Answers Search, and LinkedIn People Search.

A Search Perspective Outside of the U.S.

Based in Russia, Yandex is a company best known for its Yandex search engine that now has a global English version (yandex.com). It’s the top search engine used in Russia, accounting for more than 59 percent of total user visits between July and September 2021, with Google the second-most used in the country.

Yandex is also popular in Turkey, Belarus, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan, providing a great way to get a different perspective for any search. It’s also easy to use with a clean, user-friendly interface and outstanding visuals. There are free features like Yandex Mail that are worth using too. It has no mail storage limit, unlike Gmail, for example.