Because everyone wants to be rich, and they will go through all kinds of trouble just to know the secret to lifelong wealth and security.

Although many people search all their lives for a way to be rich, not everyone who does so succeeds? This is because these people only WANT to be rich; they try to find a way to have money pour into their lives without any sense of discipline and commitment.

But you know what, it really is possible to earn wealth no matter who you are – whether you are a pauper or an employee that holds down a 9 to 5. And ironically enough, it also is possible to be poor even if you hold down a mighty paying executive job. So how does acquiring wealth work? Listen to a few pointers on how to make yourself financially secure.

Spend Less Than You Earn – This, above all things, is the golden rule of earning wealth. It doesn’t matter if you earn $10,000 a month if you spend $9000 of it in the same period. Now, imagine someone making $3000 but spends $1500 per month. Who among the two is able to save more? Practically speaking, it is the person earning $3000 who saves and technically “earns” more. That is what it means to spend less than you earn.

Unfortunately, living within your means is not easy. Whenever you see green in your hand, the first impulse is to find something to buy with it. This is what is called the one-day-millionaire syndrome. If you truly want to increase your savings you are going to have to quell this impulse and buckle down to business. Discipline yourself so that you do not spend beyond your means.

Beware of the Small Stuff – It is these little don’t-worry-they-don’t-cost-much stuff that can seriously drain your earnings. They may be small but without noticing it, your expenses for these things could add up significantly. Most of the people who were able to save up to put up a business did so by denying themselves luxuries until they had enough to put up a business. A little discipline goes a long way.

Save – If you haven’t set up a savings account, do so now. Don’t laugh at that story about those ants that saved up for a rainy day – they are a lot smarter than most people. Some people assume that they will be making money for the rest of their lives and neglect to put up modest savings. When the time comes that they need money for, let’s say, a car investment or housing finance, they are left with nothing.

Invest – The richest individuals in the world all have something in common. They own stocks. Although the stock market can be a virtual gamble in many ways, it is also a good way to have your savings earn while you are away. The problem with this tip is that the stock market may be a little difficult to learn. Many people lose money on the stock market too.

The stock market can yield much, if only those who invest here had the right mindset. Unfortunately, most people think that they can invest here and get rich overnight. Although this has been the case in many overnight-millionaire stories, long-term wealth is possible only with patience. Get a trustworthy broker and set up a moderate investment portfolio that has a good portion of your investments in low-risk stocks and bonds.

Also, many of today’s investment geniuses recommend that you invest in stocks that have a good and steady record of increasing in value. Don’t go for the lotto-jackpot approach. Sure and steady is the way to go.

Commit Yourself to a Realistic Financial Goal – It is also possible to go for a fantastic financial goal such as to own a yacht one day or something along those lines. But the trick to doing so is to try to work towards this “impossible” goal one realistic step at a time. A great deal of commitment and gut is required to pull this off, but with hard work and perseverance, you could find yourself staring a pile of gold for the rest of your life.