When it comes to safety, not many people feel that they are at risk in their very own homes. Most of us know to tear up or shred credit card offers when they come in the mail because that can lead to identity theft. Perhaps many fewer people are aware of the fact that those that are out to steal your identity have found new, more sophisticated ways of getting what they want.

The telephone that you use in your home every day can be tapped and those listening can easily get the information they’re looking for. Many people still order from catalogs by phone. If there is an identity thief on the line listening, you will have given them everything they need to use that credit account. They will then be able to place numerous orders online and by phone themselves. You will then be left with a hefty bill and the burden of proving the fact that those charges do not belong to you.

Unfortunately, there are items out in public circulation that will allow intruders to listen to your conversations in your own home without your phone ringing. If they can tap into your line, they can listen to the conversations in your home which are supposed to be private. Any information that you share out loud in your home could be compromised. These identity thieves are just waiting for you to say information to help them. Surprisingly, you say this information more than you think. If you place a phone order, you give all the information they’re looking for. Likewise, if you call your credit company to ask a question or dispute something, you also give them all the information they need, usually a bonus password or security word as well.

Even in you home, it’s prudent to be extra protective of your private and worthwhile information. If you feel you may have been compromised, you should contact the credit company via email to check on the status and balance of your account. This way you can be sure that your information is still your own and that your balance is what it should be. If there is a touch tone option when you call into your credit company, use it. Saying it may be easier, but it can cost you more than you think.

Sadly, we live in society in which we can’t trust others. As it’s said, the few have spoiled it for the many. Being careful is your best protection.