Let me ask you a question. How come a subject like “Wealth 101” is not taught in schools? Think about it for a moment. Figured it out yet? Yep. The “system” doesn’t allow it.

The system wants young people to fall into all the usual debt traps – cell phones, credit cards, expensive hire purchase, take-now-and-pay-later schemes etc, etc. All those traps ensure that the debt cycle keeps going on and on always with a fresh set of faces lining up to join the ranks of the old ones who only trade working hours to repay escalating debt.

Your government does not want you to be wealthy. It wants you to be paying taxes. Wealthy people pay less tax because they can employ the best legal and accounting brains to minimize their tax payment.

Wealthy people are also generally more educated – particularly in the ways of money. Your government does not want too many financially educated people. Again, financially educated people find ways to avoid paying tax.

Can you imagine if a greater proportion of the population was more wealthy? The government would have to reset its fiscal policies to reset the economy. It simply cannot have too large a proportion of its population having too much money. When people have money they wield power. Power is no good for governments. Power can only be managed by governments in very small doses. Can you imagine if 100,000 people each had the financial capacity of somebody like Bill Gates? No government could manage that.

Yes. No subject like Wealth 101 will ever be taught at school. Every hive of bees needs a large percentage of drones to slave away and do all the work while the ruling class sit back and enjoy the spoils of all that labour.