Thousands of people around the world are so deep in debt that they experience constant stress, restless nights and their performance at work starts to suffer. Many will become physically ill because they realise that they have borrowed too much and their salary doesn’t cover the bill by the end of the month.

All it takes is one family member to lose their job and their world can drop out from beneath them. The dread when the phone rings to find a creditor on the other side of the phone or avoiding answering the door, in case one of the creditors are standing there wanting to collect. In addition to this, it severely affects your credit score.

Not everyone’s debt is their fault. Many institutions love throwing great deals your way from credit cards to loans to shopping accounts and more. It’s so easy to build up debt these days, but you have to also ensure that you don’t borrow more than you can repay.

There are a number of ways to ensure you don’t get into serious financial trouble, enabling you to put food on the family table each night. When you find that your debt is taking over your life and you have absolutely no way to repay it, it may be time to consider asking for bankruptcy advice.

The first is to consider selling some of your assets to repay your debts. This is not a pleasant solution by may be your only solution moving forward. If you were to file for bankruptcy, this is what would happen and if you have any secured debts, chances are they are going to come after your home or car in the near future if you continue to not pay the amount due. Consider selling excess assets, if you have a laptop, phone, tablet and desktop computer, consider selling one or more of the items, you don’t need them all, this can free up some cash to pay towards one of your monthly bills.

Another solution is that if you have two cars, but only really need one, consider selling the more expensive to run vehicle and use that cash to pay off some of your debts. Don’t fall into the trap of paying off accounts and credit cards using credit cards for payment. This can turn into a nasty cycle, which can leave you deeper in debt moving forward.

Speak to your creditors where you are having trouble meeting your payments and see if you can work out a payment arrangement. Remember your creditors want to ensure that they get their money, so they may be willing to come to a compromise, accommodating what you can afford, as long as they get their money back in the long run.

Try and pay all your bills on time. While this may sound an obvious solution to avoid bankruptcy in the future, it may not be the easiest. Paying your bills on time reduces the risk of late penalty charges and additional interest, this all increases over the months, leaving you with even more money you owe when you’re ready to make your next payment.

You can ask your family for money to help you get back on track, but remember that is leaving you in the same situation where you now owe them the money. If you cannot afford to repay, this can put strain on the family.

The final choice is to get some bankruptcy advice. Specialists are able to advice you moving forward, helping you decide if bankruptcy is the right solution to help you get your life back on track and eliminate the stress you experience on a daily basis.