Early Life and Education

Alexey Kirienko’s journey in the financial world was fueled by his early interest in mathematics and mathematical statistics, which later manifested as a fascination with probability and game theory. During his university studies, Alexey was eager to practically apply his theoretical knowledge. He enrolled to obtain a Master’s degree in Economics and a Bachelor of Science degree. During this time, he began trading with various securities and developing sophisticated investment strategies. By his fifth year, he was already engaging in statistical arbitrage, surpassing his peers​.

Beginning of Professional Career

After completing his education, Alexey began his professional career in 2001 as a trader specializing in inter-exchange statistical arbitrage on futures contracts. Two years later, he was promoted to work with derivatives trading on global markets. This experience was essential for Kirienko, as it helped him develop an intuition for global trading and understand the benefits of diversifying risks across different geographies​.

Founding of Exante

In 2009, Alexey and his partners decided to close their fund and focus on the development of a trading platform for exchanges. In 2010, they developed trading software initially for personal use. However, as the software gained popularity among market participants, Alexey began contemplating a business model to maximize its monetization. This led to the idea of a brokerage business, and in 2011, along with his partners Anatoliy Knyazev and GatisEglitis, he founded Exante. The company aimed to serve as a bridge between investors, traders, and various exchanges worldwide​.

Exante was registered in Malta and quickly obtained an MFSA license. With ambitious plans, the company expanded its services to Cyprus in 2012 and later obtained a license to operate in Hong Kong in 2019​.

Awards and Recognition

Exante’s innovative approach and the exceptional quality of its software helped it establish a significant client base and recognition as one of the top innovators in its sector. The company has received over thirty highly regarded awards in the financial industry, including the Investment Award, Diversity in Finance Award, Digital Investment Company of the Year Award, and Investment Innovations Award​.

Contributions and Expertise

Besides leading Exante, Alexey Kirienko is an esteemed expert in global financial markets and derivatives trading. He is frequently invited as a speaker at specialized conferences around the world. Additionally, he uses his expertise to identify promising fintech startups in their early stages​​.

Alexey is also multilingual, fluent in English, Croatian, and Russian​.


Alexey Kirienko exemplifies how academic interests can translate into a groundbreaking career. Through dedication and innovative thinking, he has significantly impacted the financial industry. His company, Exante, continues to be at the forefront of financial innovation, and his personal journey remains an inspiration for many aspiring individuals in the field.