If you’re looking for the ultimate trading market, forget Wall Street. The Forex Market is where the largest volume in trading is going on, with an incredible amount of nearly $2 billion worth of trading in a 24 hour day. Why is the Forex Market better than stocks? Why is a dollar better than a nickel? Because it’s worth a lot more. That is one of the most basic and obvious answers to this question. There is a fortune that can be made in trading Forex because the Forex market is constantly trading.

Reason #1 Why Forex is Better Than Stocks Because:

The Forex market trades a larger volume than any other market in the world. The stock market trades roughly $10 billion in volume a day. That’s not bad at all, but it isn’t even 1% of what the Forex market trades daily. Not even close.

The Forex market trades an average of $1.8 TRILLION dollars of currency a day. No other market in the world comes remotely close to this figure. $1.8 Trillion dollars is only the first reason that the Forex is better than stocks.

Reason #2 Why Forex is Better Than Stocks:

No Enron, no WorldCom, no Tyco. These currencies are based on the strength of an entire nation’s economy, not the reports of one company. This doesn’t mean there isn’t risk – every market has risk and Forex is no exception, but usually stable countries don’t fall overnight.

I had a friend who went to college, got into stock trading, and had a personal stock portfolio worth six figures by the time he was only 27. Not bad. But almost all of it was McCloud, Enron, and MCI WorldCom. Nearly overnight his small fortune was worth less than $20,000.

All because of false stock reports from CEOs. This can’t happen in the Forex. While economies can go up or down, there is both technical and fundamental analysis that can help you identify ahead of time the potential for a currency that is going to drop. Forex trading has risks like anywhere else, but one corrupt CEO is not one of them.

Also, when one currency goes down, the other in the pair goes up, so being on the right side can mean that one country’s misery can still makes you a fortune.

Reason #3 Why Forex is Better Than Stocks:

There’s always action. Unlike the stock market, which has a daily close to the market day, the Forex market is open every day, except Saturday. There is only one close in the Forex for an entire week, meaning almost any day, any time, you have the ability to trade. This allows a great flexibility in when, where, and how you can trade. Options are good.

These are only three of several reasons why the Forex is better than stocks, but if you want to trade where the most action is, there’s no question you want the Forex market.