Banks are financial institutions which have existed for a very long time, established and often the most reliable way to save, store and exchange monetary values-especially if it involves large amounts. However, banking can cause a lot of money, and efforts in order to have a successful transaction, not everyone can afford to maintain and make transactions in a bank. Due to the rise of many other forms of financial institutions and technological advances, the common people and large accounts have wished their banking transactions to change.

If you have been doing banking for years, you may come to understand what this means. Often you get stuck in long queues just to get one transaction through. We’re not even talking about minutes but long lost hours simply to get through one transaction. You could have finished a lot of other tasks instead of staying there and sitting waiting for your turn to come. If the transactions involve large amounts, the risk goes up-both from robbers and from the verification process. The banks system seems to have not caught up yet with changes in the use of technology (although some banks have started the innovation they deem necessary to cater the needs of their growing customers).

If banks are able to do better with their online transaction, it would have been easier for one and every consumer. Although most banks already have an online application, this has not been optimized for the use of the common people. These applications are often less user friendly and restricted to selected transactions as the verification is almost the same as the process taken when going to an actual bank. Even adding account to which you transfer money to regularly would require you to actually show up in the bank and register the accounts-again taking days.

Although there are some useful features already, personal financial management is not yet that easy due to the verification processes you have to go through in enabling a certain transaction. As the rise to transforming to other cheaper and faster financial institutions are slowly eating up the banking cuts and options, the need for the banks to update and coincide with the technology and consumer needs should be made a focus on. The charges are relatively high but most of us still opt to use our bank accounts for most of our transactions as they have been stable and trusted over time.